Novel enzymatic solutions for Pulp & Paper manufacturing

Biozyme is an European biotechnology company devoted to develop novel enzymatic solutions for the Pulp & Paper industry.

We design, optimize and manufacture all our technologies to meet every client need, allowing a more efficient use of raw materials, improving final product characteristics and lowering energy consumption as well as the environmental footprint.

Pulp & Paper

Enzymatic technologies find a natural application in the Pulp & Paper field providing consistent and reliable enhancements to the traditional processes.

Pulp & Paper Industry

The pulp & paper industry is traditionally known to be a large contributor to environmental pollution due to its large consumption of energy and chemicals. Biotechnological methods offer potential opportunities for changing the industry toward more environmentally friendly and efficient operations compared to the conventional methods.

The importance of biotechnology lies in its potential for more specific reactions, less environmentally deleterious processes, energy savings, and capacity to be used in place of non-biological processes.

Increased pulp yield, improved fiber properties, enhanced paper recycling, reduced processing and environmental problems, and energy efficiency are all consequences of biotechnological processes in the pulp and paper industry.

Pulp & Paper Research

As research company, we are always focused in designing novel cutting edge solutions as well as improving the existing ones in strict collaboration with our clients.

We have established several technical collaborations with leading paper groups in Austria and Germany.

We finance also scientific research through partnership projects with public and private universities and research centers.

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